What is Rear Axle Assembly?

The rear axle assembly is basically a large and heavy piece of
steel and iron that receives rotational power through the drive
shaft from the engine and transmission. It then uses this power to
propel the vehicle by converting the said rotational force into
linear motion by turning the axles, tires and wheels. In most
cases, the rear axle rotates with the vehicle’s wheels. It generally
comes in two halves known as half shafts which are connected by the differential.Not all rear axles are the same as they differ according to support
and mounting methods. There are generally considered to be
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Signs of a Failing Rear Axle Assembly

There are majorly four easy signs which will help you identify a rear axle assembly that is about to fail –
1. Weird noises – The gears and bearings in the axle system will most likely create a cacophony of whining and growling
noises if there are problems within the rear axle assembly. Noises are the most common warning sign that the rear axle
is headed south. Excessive clearance between the gears can
also cause possible clunking noises that in most cases are clearly evident only when the vehicle is put into gear.
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